How to prepare when you’re camping with seniors

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Camping is for everyone – no matter how old or young! At De Bakke Santos we’re as excited and accommodating for the young ones, as we are for the seniors. Here are our 8 tips for camping when you are happily retired and looking for a relaxing holiday by the sea.

1. Choose the correct accommodation

The biggest consideration should be your living space. If you are going for a tent, make sure that it’s high enough for you to stand comfortably inside, as well as to fit any necessary equipment like tables or beds inside. Alternatively, consider going for a caravan or motorhome instead, as this offers more comfort. If you are only going camping every once in a while, or cannot afford to buy a caravan or motorhome, renting one is a great option.

2. How to sleep comfortably

Sleeping comfortably is an important aspect of enjoying camping. If you are camping in a tent, consider getting a blow-up mattress and a stand that reaches the same height as a normal bed would. Alternatively, a stretcher with some extra mattresses on top can be equally comfortable. If you have a caravan or motorhome, be sure to check the quality of the mattress before renting or buying.

3. Stay warm

Be sure to pack loads of warm things, like blankets, sweaters, and a good sleeping bag. It can get rather chilly at any time of year when camping, especially if you are camping next to the sea, like at De Bakke Santos.

4. Lighting

Light is very important for a variety of activities, like cooking, reading, and playing board games. Be sure to pack an extra lantern or headlight if you are going to be moving around outside after dark. This is especially important when heading to the bathroom at night, as tent pens and wires are tripping hazards that are not always easy to spot.

5. Seating

Before going camping, be sure to invest in some comfortable camping chairs. Check that your back is properly supported and pack an extra cushion if the seat itself is too hard.

6. Comfortable clothing and good shoes

Camping is the time to pull out your most comfortable pair of sweatpants and softest knit. Make sure that setting up camp is easy with loose clothing and a good pair of shoes. Good shoes are a key to camping comfortably, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

7. Bathroom necessities

If you are camping at De Bakke Santos, our bathrooms are in good condition and don’t leave you with too much to worry about when it comes to showering and so on. Be sure to have a handy carrier for all your shower products, as this makes using the bathroom that much easier. Our grounds also have an accessible bathroom – just speak to reception who will be able to give you a key. If you’d prefer not to walk to the bathroom every time, investing in a portable toilet could be a really good idea. This also eliminates the dark night-time walks with its tripping hazards.

8. Bring stuff to do and plan appropriate activities

Now that you are set up and have comfortable clothes, seating, and sleeping arrangements, the relaxing can begin! Bring those books you’ve never gotten around to reading, the crosswords you haven’t filled out, and the knitting that’s been incomplete for months. The Garden Route is also a gorgeous area to explore, with loads of activities suited for the whole family. Be sure to ask at reception for suggestions.

Camping shouldn’t be considered as an activity for the young only. If you have any other suggestions or questions regarding camping as a senior, please reach out to our friendly staff who will be happy to listen and answer any questions! We can’t wait to welcome you to your new favourite camping spot.

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